We have a huge variety of energetic and relaxing activities, sessions and courses for people of all ages and abilities - take a look around and see what's available.

Kids and Family Fun - Schools Out - Activities for Kids

Schools Out - Activities for Kids - Kids and Family Fun -

Make our centre your first stop for fun activities this holiday

Pool Programme - General Swim

General Swim - Pool and Swimming Lessons - Pool Programme

Our general swim session is open to people of all levels, ages and abilities.

Aqua Classes - Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics - Group Exercise Classes - Aqua Classes

An aerobic workout without traumatic impact on the joints. Results include increased muscular tone, flexibility, and cardiovascular...

Kids and Family Fun - Inflatable Fun

Inflatable Fun - Kids and Family Fun -

Join us for some fun in the pool with big inflatables to keep you entertained

Pool Programme - Flume Fun

Flume Fun - Pool and Swimming Lessons - Pool Programme

Tons of fun in the water on our 2 flumes for children aged over 5

Kids and Family Fun - Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties - Kids and Family Fun -

Why not consider a Big Day Party to celebrate your child´s next birthday in style?